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Navigating a divorce or separation is tough, especially when it comes to determining Utah parent time. With emotions running high and the future well-being of children at stake, understanding how the Utah custody schedule works becomes crucial. Can you confidently say you know how parent time is determined in Utah? If not, having the guidance of an experienced family law attorney can make all the difference.

Quick Summary of this Article

The article discusses how parent time is calculated and scheduled. Some of the key points covered include:

  • Parent time” refers to a schedule that outlines when a child spends quality time with each parent after divorce or separation, promoting a nurturing relationship with both parents.
  • Custody in Utah is categorized into “legal” and “physical” custody, with options for joint or sole physical custody. Legal custody pertains to decision-making rights, while physical custody determines the child’s living arrangements.
  • Utah Code Sections 30-3-35, 30-3-35.1, and 30-3-35.2 provide frameworks for minimum, extended, and equal parent time schedules, ensuring non-custodial parents have adequate time with their children.
  • Tailored schedules are available for relocated parents with children under 5 years old. Existing parent time schedules can be modified in the child’s best interests.
  • The Holiday Parent Time Schedule ensures fair and harmonious arrangements during festive seasons, promoting a co-parenting environment.
  • Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions offers guidance on parent-time schedules, conflict resolution, and legal support, ensuring decisions align with the child’s welfare.

Drawing from years of helping families find resolution in St. George, Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions knows how to create a fair Utah custody schedule. Our dedicated family law attorneys prioritize finding a harmonious balance that benefits both parents and children. If you need help with parent-time scheduling, reach out to Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions for personalized guidance and support.

What is Parent Time?

“Parent time” is a term used to describe the schedule that outlines when a child spends time with each parent following a divorce or separation. This term emphasizes the importance of quality time between parents and children, going beyond mere visitation. It is about ensuring a strong and nurturing relationship with both parents.

The family law court in Utah takes several factors into consideration when determining parent time. These include:

  • Child’s Age: The court considers the age and developmental needs of the child.
  • Proximity of Homes: The distance between the parents’ residences can impact the feasibility of a Utah custody schedule.
  • Stable Environment: The ability of each parent to provide a loving and stable environment is crucial.

The court aims to prioritize the child’s best interests while being fair to both parents. If parents can agree on a schedule, the court usually formalizes it. If parents can’t agree, the court creates a custody schedule that balances the needs and rights of all parties. 

Understanding Utah parent time and navigating the legal process can be challenging. Consider contacting a local attorney familiar with family law in St. George for guidance.

The Two Types of Custody in Utah

To understand Utah parent time, it is crucial to understand the different types of custody available. Custody can be categorized into two main types:.

  • Legal Custody: This presumption may be disputed if a parent is unfit or there are exceptional circumstances that warrant a different arrangement. The court’s ultimate objective in making child custody decisions is to prioritize the well-being and development of the child.
  • Physical Custody: This determines which parent the child stays with. There are two types:
    • Joint Physical Custody: Both parents have the child for at least 111 overnights per year.
    • Sole Physical Custody: In this arrangement, the custodial parent, has the child for the majority of the time (over 255 overnights annually), while the non-custodial parent has limited visitation (less than 111 overnights per year). This provides the child with a stable primary residence while still allowing both parents to have a relationship with the child.

Statutory Minimum Parent Time Schedule

Utah Code Section 30-3-35 outlines a comprehensive parent-time framework that has been specifically tailored for children between the ages of 5 and 18. This legislation serves to reinforce the non-custodial parent’s entitlement to spend quality time with their child. 

In compliance with this regulation, the non-custodial parent is granted time every other weekend, an extra day during the week, and a shared arrangement for holidays. This system guarantees the non-custodial parent an average of 90 overnight stays per year with their child, providing a consistent and active presence.

Extended and Equal Parent Time Schedule

Utah Code Sections 30-3-35.1 and 30-3-35.2 provide more options for parental engagement. Section 30-3-35.1 allows for an extended schedule, giving the non-custodial parent more overnights. Section 30-3-35.2 establishes an equal parent time schedule, known as the “2-2-3 schedule,” to ensure both parents have balanced time with the child.

Special Schedules for Relocated Parents and Very Young Children

Section 30-3-37 addresses cases where a parent moves 150+ miles away from the other parent, providing a minimum parent-time schedule that accommodates logistical challenges while prioritizing the child’s continuity.

For children under 5 years old, Section 30-3-35.5 offers an array of age-appropriate schedules ensuring that the parent-time arrangements are sensitive to the developmental stages and needs of the child.

Modifying an Existing Utah Parent Time Schedule

In Utah, the established parent time schedule is not set in stone and can be subject to modifications if circumstances change. Either parent can request changes to the existing arrangement, such as increasing the number of overnights or granting one parent sole physical custody. 

However, it is crucial that any proposed modifications align with the child’s best interests, and the court will assess the situation thoroughly to ensure that any changes made to the parent time schedule serve to benefit the child’s well-being and development.

Navigating Holidays and Special Occasions

Holidays and special occasions have emotional and cultural value for families. In Utah, the Holiday Parent Time Schedule helps parents share these moments with their children, regardless of custody. Parents should know the schedule to let their child celebrate and create memories with both parents. This avoids conflicts and provides stability for the child.

Proper understanding and adherence to this schedule not only facilitate fair arrangements but also promote a harmonious co-parenting environment during occasions that should be filled with joy and togetherness.

How Legal Support Can Simplify Utah Parent Time Decisions

Dealing with parent-time schedules can be overwhelming, particularly when emotions are involved. However, seeking legal advice can greatly simplify the process. 

Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions specializes in assisting parents in determining the most suitable parent-time schedules for their child’s welfare. The team at Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions provides parents personal guidance and ensures that legal issues are efficiently addressed, offering invaluable support during challenging periods.

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