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As much as we want everything to go as smoothly as possible in divorce and legal separation proceedings, things don’t usually go as planned. Child custody is one of the common points of contention during divorce proceedings. Our St George Utah custody lawyers can help you come up with a custody and visitation agreement that works with both parties and has your child’s best interest in mind.

If you’ve hit a roadblock in finding a custody arrangement that works for you, Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions can assist in mediation and provide legal representation to ensure that your custody and visitation arrangement has the best interest of your children in mind.

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Utah Custody Modifications

If you and your spouse cannot agree on visitation arrangements, the court decides for the children’s best interests. The terms of the custody are not set in stone. Things constantly change, and these changes may affect what’s best for the child. If you’re concerned about your child’s welfare, our St George child custody attorneys can assist you in filing a request to modify the custody. 

Before starting another child custody proceeding, you should try to communicate with the other parent to sort out an agreement beneficial for all parties involved, especially if the child. Prior to bringing the child custody case to court, it may be better to go through arbitration or mediation. Not only is it less adversarial, but also less time-consuming.

The Utah court’s website contains information on modifying a child custody agreement. Our St George, Utah custody lawyers can help answer any questions and clarifications you may have. They can also help ensure that the custody and visitation terms work in your favor. Contact our law office now for your family law case!

Can custody and visitation terms be changed in St George, UT?

Utah family law wants parents to come up with visitation schedules that create stable environments for children, and the process of doing this flexible. Our St George Utah custody lawyers can help you come up with a creative solution for your custody and visitation arrangements and file the necessary paperwork to court.

Julie and Lander had worked out a timesharing agreement regarding care for their 4-year-old son, Nils. In the beginning, the timesharing was practically equal. Julie got Nils on the weekends and contracted Lyme Disease, rendering her chronically fatigued. Suddenly, Julie couldn’t handle the responsibility of taking Nils on weekends, so she and Lander renegotiated the custody arrangement, expanding Lander’s responsibility and time with the child.

Aziz and Karen had worked out a deal in which Aziz would be the primary caregiver and breadwinner. However, after one of Aziz’s clients sued his company, he had to file for personal bankruptcy, and he could no longer support the children. The court allowed him and Karen to renegotiate child support.

Kendra and James, through mediation, worked out the perfect timesharing plan perfect, that is, until James got a job offer that he couldn’t pass up and moved three states over. This move coincided with Kendra moving in with her new fiancé. When you change your relationship status or move out of state, the court will generally allow you to modify support and timesharing arrangements. Utah handles this through the relocation statute, which is 30-3-37.

Besides the two joint physical custody arrangements discussed above and some of these creative solutions, there are two other common situations in Utah cases. First, the statutory minimum under Utah Code 30-3-35 and the alternative minimum found in Utah Code 30-3-35.1. The statutory minimum is one evening a week and every other weekend (Friday and Saturday). The alternative minimum is one overnight each week, usually Thursday, and every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. 

Utah Code is also particular in how the holidays are divided up. Another is often used in practical terms unless a child is still nursing and is younger than two. If you have any problems with your custody and visitation terms, our Utah custody lawyers are happy to help you get what you deserve. Contact our St George office today!

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Filing for divorce? Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions may be just a Southern Utah Law Firm, but we get you world-class results. Schedule an appointment with our experienced St. George Utah divorce attorneys today!

When Can I Modify Child Custody in Utah? 

Life changes. After some time and new developments, there may be some adjustments needed to your custody order. According to Utah custody law, either party — whether the custodial or non-custodial parent — can request a custody modification if:

  • more than three years have passed since entry of the previous custody order; or
  • there’s been a material change in circumstances affecting the child or parents.

Either way, you’ll need to prove that this modification is for the child’s benefit. The judge will consider whether it serves the child’s best interest or more for the requesting parent’s benefit. Many factors can come into play that will contribute to a judge’s decision to modify the custody, including:

  • Abuse Charges
  • Relocation for Better Schools
  • Relocation for a Sick Family Member
  • Addiction Problems
  • Felony Conviction
  • Remarriage with a Socially Unfit Partner
  • Severe Mental or Physical Disability

If you need help modifying the terms of your custody, talk to our Utah custody lawyers in St George to get the legal assistance you need today. 

Modifying Child Custody in St George, UT

As with all legal proceedings, there are several steps you have to go through in court to modify a child custody agreement in Utah:

  • File a Motion
  • Service a Summons
  • Complete the Litigation Awareness and Parental Education Programs
  • Mediation, Discovery, and a Pre-Trial Hearing
  • Trial
  • The court will enter judgment

It’s essential to go through each step accurately. A mistake in the forms or paperwork can delay the process or shed your filing in a less favorable light. Our experienced St George custody lawyers can guide you throughout the process, ensuring that everything will give you the best chances at getting a custody modification.

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