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Dividing Marital Property in Utah

Not all love stories have a happy ending. Sometimes, a couple may find themselves ending a marriage for themselves and their children. One issue that has to be resolved is how to split the property between both parties after the divorce. Our experienced St George Utah divorce lawyer is well-versed in the divorce and family law and can assist you in getting a fair division of marital property.

If you need help understanding how marital property is divided in a divorce case, schedule a consultation with us today! Our skilled Utah divorce lawyers can evaluate your assets and property in marriage and provide legal assistance in negotiating a fair and equitable property division.

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How do prenups help when dividing property in a Utah divorce?

A prenuptial agreement will guide the involved parties on the distribution of property if a married couple ends their marriage. However, a prenup does not cover expenses related to children, such as child support payments. 

An experienced St George Utah divorce lawyer will take a look at your prenup to ensure that you won’t be losing out on assets that should be yours. Come to our St George law firm for legal help from experienced family law attorneys for your prenuptial agreement in the event of a divorce.

Can I strike a deal with my ex about distributing property in Utah?

Throughout the entire divorce process, the spouses have a chance to talk among themselves on what can count as a fair division of property. Once both parties have settled on a fair deal, you can submit a marital agreement to the court. Usually, the court will accept this without any further involvement. However, if the spouses cannot agree on dividing the property, even if it’s just on one specific asset, then the court decides on it for them.

A knowledgeable Utah divorce lawyer can offer you guidance on what’s fair for you when it comes to dividing property. Contact Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions today to find solutions to your problems about marital property distribution.

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Filing for divorce? Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions may be just a Southern Utah Law Firm, but we get you world-class results. Schedule an appointment with our experienced St. George Utah divorce attorneys today!

How do I figure out what property is mine and what belongs to my ex when I file for divorce in Utah? 

The answer might take some investigation and forensic accounting work. This can be time-consuming and expensive. It depends on things like whether you and your spouse had a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement and how you accumulated your assets and debts. 

State law governs how divorce works. A New York divorce looks different from a Utah divorce. In Utah, the court will divide the property among the parties involved with equitable distribution. An equitable split of these assets wouldn’t mean cleaving it down the middle, like the Biblical story of Solomon. Equitable means fair – each side gets a fair share of assets. The court considers various factors for an equitable division, like the health of both parties, their occupations, and the length of the marriage. 

In Utah court, the longer the marriage, the higher the chance of an equal split. If your marriage was relatively short, then the court looks at each party’s individual income and economic status prior to the marriage. They will attempt to split the assets in a way that maintains their previous economic status in life. 

Debbie and Lawrence owned diverse marital property jointly that needed to be distributed equitably between them. They had bank accounts to which they both contributed, wedding china, investments, and a home they bought and remodeled together.

When Doug and Sadie divorced, Sadie claimed that some property was hers and separate from the marriage. For instance,  five years ago, she received an inheritance from her great aunt, which she kept in a  separate bank account. Sadie also owned a beach cottage given to her in trust by her father. These items would not be considered part of the marital estate.

The situation can get quite tricky. When Georgina and Rafael got married, Rafael had a Roth IRA that had several hundred thousand dollars of contributions already in it. During the marriage,  Georgina contributed several thousand dollars to that IRA, transforming it into  what’s known as “hybrid property.” 

It can be challenging to go through negotiation for the division of property without proper legal representation. A St George,Utah divorce lawyer will stand beside you during these negotiations and fight for your best interest. A divorce shouldn’t leave you penniless and homeless. Call our St George family law office now to get help with your legal issue! 

What happens to retirement assets in Utah divorce cases?

Generally, retirement assets count as marital property and are covered under equitable distribution in the case of a divorce. Courts will usually award the asset to the spouse that contributes to it the account most. The other party will receive one or a combination of assets of equivalent value.  

There’s special paperwork for splitting retirement assets. Look into a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) for these cases. A divorce decree by itself will not ensure that a person who’s not a listed owner will receive payments from the account. 

If you’re concerned about your retirement property in your divorce or legal separation, talk to our St George Utah divorce lawyers to find out how you can obtain your fair share of the marital property and ease your worries. 

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Getting divorced can be stressful, but an experienced divorce attorney can make it as smooth as possible for you. A qualified divorce lawyer can help you figure out precisely what belongs to whom and what you need to do about it. 

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