Seek Legal Advice For Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The consequences of a collision between a motorcycle and a car, truck, or another large vehicle can be catastrophic. Due to the lack of protection from the impact, the motorcyclist may sustain life-threatening injuries that require months or years to recover from. The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be physically and financially distressing, and you need a St George motorcycle accident attorney to assist you. 

As the injured party, you are entitled to compensation. To obtain full compensation for your injuries, you will require the assistance of a motorcycle accident attorney in St George, Utah. Your choice of a law firm is significant

Our St George motorcycle accident attorney at Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions has years of experience representing injured clients. Our personal injury attorneys have obtained substantial settlements and verdicts for injured motorcyclists in Utah.

Why Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Utah?

Hiring our personal injury attorney could increase your chances of recovering a reasonable settlement. Moreover, with our St George motorcycle accident attorney handling all the legwork, you are free to focus on healing.

Here’s how our St George motorcycle accident attorney can assist you:

Investigations and Collection of Evidence

Even though law enforcement submits an accident report after a collision, a more thorough investigation is typically required to gather the evidence necessary for a legal claim. A motorcycle accident attorney in St George, Utah from Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions understands how and what to investigate, as well as what evidence is necessary to determine liability and damages.

Documentation Completion

When our legal team is on your side, you won’t have to worry about filling out any paperwork. We take care of it for you and verify its accuracy before submission to prevent unnecessary delays. We also ensure the timely filing of legal documents.


Our legal team handles all communication. We make the necessary connections with doctors, law enforcement, witnesses, and anyone else who can provide evidence and testimony in support of your claim. Additionally, we interact with insurance company representatives and the defense attorney.


Negotiations are challenging. They require dexterity, expertise, and an appreciation of the big picture. Our St George motorcycle accident attorney handles the negotiations and contributes legal expertise and experience.

We understand that the thought of bringing your claim to court is likely unappealing and intimidating, but it is sometimes the only way to obtain a fair settlement. If the insurance companies or defense attorneys continue to treat you unfairly and refuse to accept terms of reasonable and fair compensation, you can count on our support if you decide to file a lawsuit.

Very few cases involving personal injury reach the courtroom. You do not, however, have to accept less than you deserve. To pursue justice for you or a family member, we will not hesitate to go toe-to-toe with a judge and jury.

How Do Motorcycle Collisions Differ From Car Collisions?

In the event of a collision, riders frequently sustain more severe injuries and fatalities than car drivers. Due to the size and weight of other vehicles on the road, especially tractor-trailers, the risk of serious injury or death for motorcyclists is increased. 

A lack of protection is one of the reasons why motorcyclists sustain more injuries than vehicle occupants. For instance, a car passenger is protected by a seatbelt, airbags, and a metal enclosure. Helmets are the only protection available to motorcyclists. Any person who rides or operates a motorcycle in Utah must wear protective headgear unless they are at least 21 years old, have two years of riding experience, or have completed a motorcycle safety course.

When compared to car drivers, motorcyclists also have limited visibility. Motorcycle riders are more susceptible to being struck by motorists who fail to see them on the road, especially during inclement weather or at night. 

The majority of personal injury law firms focus on car crashes, but motorcycle accidents present unique challenges. It is crucial to have a law firm with experience representing injured motorcyclists on your side.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Utah?

There are multiple causes of motorcycle accidents, but human error is by far the most common. The negligence of other motorists on the road can cause catastrophic injuries to the motorcyclist. Some common causes include:

Inattentive Driving

Distracted driving encompasses any behavior that diverts a driver’s attention from the task of driving. While phones and technology are the primary sources of distraction, other sources include navigation or infotainment systems, other passengers, eating or drinking while driving, and even hands-free phone calls or technology.

Aggressive Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, aggressive driving, which includes speeding, tailgating, and cutting off another driver are traffic violations that endanger another person. 

Left-Hand Turns

Turning left is riskier than you might think. In the majority of collisions, the vehicle making the left turn will be deemed at fault. If a car or truck turns left in front of an oncoming motorcyclist, the resulting collision can be catastrophic.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist drives between the two lanes of cars in an attempt to escape a traffic jam. Legally, two motorcycles may share a lane and travel side by side, but a motorcycle and car may not.

Unsafe Road Conditions

Even the smallest potholes can cause motorcycle accidents. Poor road conditions, such as slick roads and uneven pavement, can cause the motorcycle to become unbalanced, resulting in severe injuries.

What Are the Most Common Injuries Associated With Motorcycle Accidents?

Passengers in standard vehicles are protected by two tons of metal, seatbelts, and airbags. In contrast, motorcycles offer little protection from the surrounding elements. It is easy to understand why motorcyclists often sustain traumatic injuries in accidents, including the following.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

A traumatic brain injury occurs when an external force traumatizes the brain. These types of injuries are frequently catastrophic, leaving victims permanently disabled and requiring rehabilitation. 

Neck or Spinal Cord Injuries

When a motorcycle is struck from behind, the rider is susceptible to whiplash, just as in a standard vehicle. In more severe cases, the impact of a collision can cause paralysis to a motorcyclist by damaging their spinal cord. 

Road Rash

This occurs when a motorcyclist driver is thrown from the bike and slides across the asphalt. The severity of a person’s injuries may depend on the type of riding gear they were wearing during the accident. 

Fractured Bones

In the event of a collision, cyclists can be thrown from their bikes and onto the road. As the rider braces themselves for impact, this fall can result in broken feet, legs, arms, and wrists.

What to Do Following a Motorcycle Accident in Utah?

Road accidents can occur suddenly and cause significant disorientation. Priority number one in the event of an accident is to ensure your health and safety. If the accident scene is unsafe, due to debris or traffic, immediately relocate to a safe location. 

If your surroundings pose a direct threat to your safety or well-being, you will be unable to aid yourself or others involved in the accident. The following actions should be taken in the event of a motorcycle accident:

Assess for Injuries and Seek Medical Attention

In the aftermath of an accident, it is essential to immediately assess your own and others’ injuries. If you or anyone else appears to be injured, call 911 immediately for medical assistance. Even injuries that initially appear to be relatively minor can worsen without prompt medical attention. 

Collect Individual and Insurance Data

It is essential to collect the information of all drivers involved in the collision. You will need to collect the names, insurance information, addresses, telephone numbers, and driver’s license numbers of all drivers. In the event of a hit-and-run, there may be additional evidence that can be used to recover damages. 

To identify the negligent party and build a case to recover resulting damages, our personal injury attorney may request security camera footage or other evidence, for instance.

Contact Authorities

Contact the St George police once you have assessed the initial situation and gathered information from others involved. Assembling a strong legal case may be facilitated by dispatching police officers to the scene as soon as possible. 

The Saint George police are required to file a report of an accident and will maintain records that can be referred to when you seek compensation for accident-related damages in the future.

Take Note of Your Surroundings

Noting your location, the time, and your surroundings can be of great assistance in constructing your legal case. Create a mental image of the accident scene. If you have a phone on you, take photographs of your surroundings, including the condition of all vehicles involved and your injuries. 

Consult a Saint George Motorcycle Accident Attorney

After a motorcycle accident, one of the most important calls you can make is to a motorcycle accident attorney in St George, Utah. Seeking legal counsel can be an essential step in recovering reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses and other forms of compensation for less quantifiable damages, such as pain and suffering.

Our St George motorcycle accident attorney can be a useful ally in filing a strong claim against the negligent party by conducting a thorough investigation of the accident and collecting evidence to pursue legal recourse.

Inform Your Insurance Carrier

Informing your insurance provider of your accident is a necessary step in pursuing damages. However, because they will likely request a statement, it is strongly advised that before providing a statement to an insurance agent, you should consult with a motorcycle accident attorney in St George, Utah. 

Who Can Be Held Legally Liable for Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

A driver or other parties who were wholly or partially at fault for a collision that resulted in injuries to a motorcyclist may be held liable for the victim’s damages. Liable parties may include:

Negligent Motorists

There are numerous ways in which motorists can put riders in danger. Drivers may fail to notice a motorcycle traveling near their vehicle, especially if they are preoccupied with texting, cell phone calls, or other activities. This may cause a driver to collide with a motorcycle, cut off a motorcyclist, or force them off the road during lane changes or turns.

Component Manufacturers

A collision involving a motorcyclist may occur if automobile or motorcycle components fail. For instance, a vehicle’s brakes or tires could fail, causing the driver to lose control and collide with a motorcycle. Defective parts of a motorcycle, such as tires that do not provide adequate traction or brakes that lock up, may impair a motorcyclist’s control, causing them to collide with other vehicles or obstacles or be thrown from their bike, sustaining injuries in the process. 

Local or State Entities

Due to hazardous roads, highways, or intersections, motorcycle accidents can sometimes occur. A driver may turn in front of or collide with a motorcycle if the design of an intersection obstructs the view of drivers who are making turns. Poorly maintained roads can also cause injuries to motorcyclists, and large potholes or cracks in the pavement can cause motorcycle riders or other drivers to lose control and cause dangerous collisions.

When Should I File a Legal Claim?

Immediately following an accident, you must typically deal with insurance companies. You will not necessarily have PIP or medical coverage as a motorcyclist. If it is apparent that the other party is primarily at fault, you may hear quickly from their insurance company.

The representative may offer you a quick, low-ball settlement in the hope that you will take the bait and relieve them of their financial obligations. They might attempt to coerce you into saying something they can use against you. If you reject their lowball offer or they attempt to deny your claim, you may be in for a lengthy battle. They may attempt to prolong your insurance claim pursuit to wear you down or prevent you from filing a lawsuit.

You may wish to consult with our St George motorcycle accident attorney before contacting the insurance companies. 

How to Establish Negligence in a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

To file a lawsuit in your motorcycle accident case, you must first establish that the defendant was negligent in causing the collision. Proving negligence requires demonstrating that the defendant’s actions meet specific criteria, so you may find it beneficial to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you prove each of the following elements:

  • Duty of Care. The party was required to take reasonable care to ensure your safety.
  • Breach of Duty. The party violated this duty and put you in danger.
  • Causation. You sustained an injury as a result of the breach of duty of care.
  • Damages. Your injuries resulted in substantial financial damages.

If you wish to file a claim or lawsuit against a liable party, our motorcycle accident attorney in St George, Utah will explain that you must meet all of these conditions. To satisfy all of these requirements, you must present us with the evidence you gathered. In addition, we will likely conduct our investigation to confirm that you have a valid claim or lawsuit.

What is Modified Comparative Negligence?

Utah is a modified comparative negligence state. The law requires courts to consider both parties’ faults in personal injury cases. Even though you seek damages and must establish the other party’s liability, your contributions affect the amount of compensation you can receive. 

Even if you were partially at fault, you might recover at least a portion of the award for damages. If your contribution to the accident was less than fifty percent, you are entitled to compensation. However, you will not receive any award if you are more than 50% at fault. Regardless of the extent of your injuries, the law prohibits you from seeking compensation.

What Compensation Are Available for Victims of Motorcycle Injuries?

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be eligible for different types of compensation if you file a personal injury lawsuit in Utah. As your personal injury attorneys, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation of your case and determine the amount of compensation to seek on your behalf. You may be entitled to compensation for:

Medical Expenses

After an accident, you may incur medical expenses for ambulance rides, emergency room visits, surgery, hospitalization, and medications. Some accidents leave victims with severe or permanent injuries that require therapy, rehabilitation, and other forms of assistance. 

Loss of Earnings

If your injuries prevent you from returning to work, you may be eligible for compensation for lost wages. 

Damage to Property

We may be able to seek compensation for damages for damage to your motorcycle or other property.

Pain and Suffering

Accidents involving motorcycles can be traumatic for those involved. They may experience mental and emotional suffering for months or years.

Punitive Damages

These are filed against the negligent driver to punish him or her and deter future carelessness.

What is Utah’s Statute of Limitations for a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

In Utah, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is four years from the date of the accident or injury. If you do not file a lawsuit within this time frame, you may lose your right to monetary compensation. Our motorcycle accident attorney in St George, Utah can help you take the necessary steps before the statute of limitations expires.

In certain instances, you may extend your window of opportunity to act. Our St George motorcycle accident attorney can explain how these exceptions might apply to your case.

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