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Crimes involving restricted substances include everything from the possession of a controlled medication to the distribution of an unlawful substance. According to the Utah State Courts, drug-related offenses such as possession, distribution, or manufacturing of prohibited drugs are the most commonly committed crimes in the state, with convictions for these offenses having more than doubled in recent years, according to the state. Given the seriousness of drug-related crimes, you need competent drug crimes attorney in Utah on your side to protect your interests.

Fighting drug charges with the top experienced drug crimes lawyer in St. George

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The legal system can be a scary place to navigate. If you are dealing with a drug crime or DUI offense, this does not just mean a verbal warning from the police officer. You may have to pay DUI penalties or worse, a DUI arrest. It can be a serious charge that will affect your life in a number of ways and may result in the revocation of your drivers license or license suspension.

While we do not encourage drinking alcohol before you drive a motor vehicle, there may be instances when you just could not help it. If you need legal assistance with this matter or have any other legal matter that you would like help with, contact the Law Office of Boyack Christiansen in St George Utah. We are a well known public defender and have years of experience in dealing with criminal violations and DUI cases. Our DUI defense and drug crime attorneys can provide you with the help you need to deal with any legal issue you are facing. Simply put, super extreme drug crime or DUI case is one practice area we are good at.

Utah is a state that is serious with law enforcement and vigorously enforces its drug laws. Many of these laws impose severe and mandatory penalties, even for minor infractions such as possession of a controlled substance. Depending on the circumstances of the initial charge and whether or not you have a past drug-related criminal record, you may face more severe consequences. Something as seemingly innocuous as marijuana possession can result in criminal charges and severe consequences. It is critical to retain the services of an attorney as soon as feasible in order to defend your fundamental rights and liberties.

Penalties for Drug Offenses

Depending on the drug’s classification and the offense for which you were charged, you could face significant jail time and substantial penalties. The following are the maximum sentences for drug-related offenses:

Class B misdemeanor: up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Class A misdemeanor: up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $2,500.

Three-degree felony: Up to five years in jail and a fine of up to $5,000.

Second-degree felony: up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

First-degree felony: up to five years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

These are the maximum penalties, not the average. Depending on whether this is your first violation or not, you may face a less severe punishment than you would if this were your second or subsequent infraction. For example, recent legislative reforms have reduced possession of Schedule I and II substances to a Class A misdemeanor rather than a third-degree felony, as it was previously.

Utah Classifications of Drugs

Schedules are used to classify various sorts of medications. These schedules run from V to I. The addictiveness of a substance and its medical utility define its classification.

Drugs classified as Schedule I: Possess a high potential for misuse and have no widely recognised medicinal purpose in the United States. Marijuana, Peyote, heroin, cocaine, opium, and LSD are just a few examples.

Schedule II Drugs: Possess a significant misuse potential yet may be used for certain medical purposes in the United States. GHB and ketamine are two often used examples.

Schedule III Drugs: Possess a lesser misuse potential than Schedule I or II drugs and are widely accepted medically in the United States. Anabolic steroids are a good example.

Schedule IV Drugs: Have a lower risk for addiction than Schedule III drugs and are frequently utilized in the United States for medical treatment. Xanax and Ambien are two examples.

Schedule V Drugs: Possess the lowest abuse potential and are routinely utilized in medical treatment in the United States. Medications containing trace amounts of codeine or opium, such as prescription codeine cough syrups, are examples.

What types of drug crimes occur in Utah?

Possession: This covers both illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy and any restricted substance for which you do not have a prescription.

Possession of paraphernalia: One definition of paraphernalia is anything used to consume drugs, such as a syringe, pipe, or bong; another definition is anything used to produce narcotics, such as items used to cultivate marijuana or manufacture methamphetamine.

Distribution: This includes not only “street dealing,” but also the sale or distribution of a controlled substance, including one for which you have a prescription.

Possession with intent to distribute: If you have a substantial quantity, you may be charged even if you claim it was entirely for personal use.

Producing, manufacturing, and dispensing: This prohibition applies to both illegal and counterfeit drugs and paraphernalia.

Trafficking: Any type of manufacture or distribution could be considered trafficking.

Driving a vehicle while impaired by drugs.

Possession of a fake restricted drug prescription.

Speak with a Utah Drug Crimes Attorney for legal advice if you are facing drug crime charges.

Utah has a high rate of drug offenses. They are one of the most often charged offenses in the state’s justice and district courts. Drunk driving cases are also a huge problem. The Boyack Christiansen Law Office has drug crime attorneys and DUI lawyers who have successfully defended clients facing drug accusations in practically every court in the state. Our firm’s Utah drug crimes attorney can defend you against charges of illegal or prescription drug manufacturing, distribution, or possession.

If you have been charged with a Utah drug crime, contact Boyack Christiansen Law Offices today by email or phone.

Utah prosecutors are zealous in their pursuit of convicting you of a drug violation and show no mercy. If you have a DUI charge or have been charged with breaching a drug statute, you can bet the state is eager to see you imprisoned. This is especially true if you have also caused personal injury. That is why it is critical to retain the services of a devoted and proactive Utah Drug Crimes Attorney, such as DUI attorney at Boyack Christiansen Law Firm.

Utah’s drug laws are severe, ranging from Class B misdemeanors to first degree felonies, and each successive conviction often increases the penalty by one degree. Additionally, specific regulations apply that result in more severe terms when a drug offense is committed on, in, or near certain types of property such as schools, libraries, or even movie theaters.

Another point to keep in mind when dealing with Utah drug cases is that a distribution charge is almost usually added to other drug counts, even if no evidence of distribution exists. For instance, if you had ten joints in your pocket, you would almost certainly be charged with distribution in addition to possession, simply because the police would not expect you to smoke that much on your own, implying that you intended to distribute. This swiftly brings you into the realm of the drug dealer, where the penalties become more harsh.

At Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions, we work hard with the goal of getting things right for the long term for the first time. Through our proven and effective process, our experienced criminal defense lawyer in St George can reduce the risk, save time, and drug crime or DUI conviction for you with less cost.

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