Domestic Violence Attorney in St. George, Utah

Domestic violence is an ever-pervasive issue in the world. Have you ever heard stories about battered individuals from people you know? Perhaps you’ve tuned into the news and heard another case of domestic abuse in the suburbs. 

Wherever you might have gotten the news, the fact is that domestic violence remains to be a tragic, violent, pressing issue that is complicated to navigate both physically, emotionally, and legally. As such, consulting a domestic violence attorney is necessary. 

Domestic violence is defined by the Utah Department of Human Services as an act of violence or physical harm done by one cohabitant to another. When a cohabitant, usually the aggressor, is convicted, certain privileges could be lost such as the right to own a firearm. 

Domestic abuse goes beyond couples. It may also involved co-workers, friends, and roommates who are abusive to their cohabitants. 

Domestic Violence Attorney in St. George, Utah

Domestic violence, as we all know, is a complicated matter from the physical to the emotional well-being of those involved, down to the financial and legal consequences. There are plenty of hesitations and if you are facing domestic violence charges, you shouldn’t have to go through it alone. 

A St. George, Utah domestic violence attorney is responsible for protecting your legal rights, reviewing your case, and defending you in court. 

If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney in St. George, Utah to help you handle your domestic violence charges, look no further. Get in touch with Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions. 

The law firm, which has been aggressively practicing for decades, has helped clients in areas outside of domestic violence. Our competent attorneys also handle other practice areas such as estate planning and business law. 

Why do I need a Domestic Violence Attorney in Utah?

Domestic violence attorney If you have been accused of domestic violence, what you don’t want to do is to go through it alone. The system is quite complicated and can lead to confusion. Hire a domestic violence attorney from St. George, Utah who can comprehend the severity of the case and see the situation from all angles. Apart from that, an attorney can offer aggressive representation to fight for you and in the event an acquittal is unattainable, the defense can use strategies to bargain a plea that will benefit you. 

Experienced criminal defense attorneys can defend the best interest and Constitutional Rights of the defendant. The attorney thoroughly reviews the case and works their way to arrive at a solution that is best for the defendant’s situation. They also offer legal representation for defendants in the aftermath of an arrest. 

A St. George, Utah attorney will also provide assistance to the defendant should they feel that they are being investigated. Legal advice is also being given by the attorney in such situations. 

If you are facing domestic violence charges, act now and get in touch with a St. George, Utah domestic violence attorney. 

What is Domestic Violence?

The term domestic violence is broad as it defines acts or threats of violence between people in a relationship, be it married couples or domestic partnership, heterosexual and homosexual, with or without children. Domestic violence has no particular category and either one of the cohabitants can partake in violence. 

Domestic violence can result in rape and murder but can also include seemingly minor offenses such as slapping and hitting. 

Typical consequences for domestic violence vary. A prosecutor can sometimes push for longer jail sentences for the perpetrator. Domestic violence also has special protections for the alleged victim in the form of restraining orders.  

If you are facing domestic violence allegations, get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer to smoothen out the kinks in your case. 

What are the Types of Domestic Violence Abuse?

The United States Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women has broadened the definition of domestic violence abuse. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive, harmful behavior in a relationship that one partner does to maintain a hold of the other. The types include: 

  • Physical Abuse– the most common domestic violence scenario that involves physical assault such as hitting, slapping, biting, punching, etc. 
  • Sexual Abuse– any behavior wherein the perpetrator attempts to force themselves onto the victim without the victim’s consent. Examples include marital rape, harm to sexual organs, and other sex offenses.
  • Emotional Abuse- the kind of abuse that diminishes the victim’s sense of self through bullying or humiliation.
  • Financial Abuse-the kind of abuse wherein the perpetrator uses financial advantage to retain control over the victim such as withholding financial support and suppression of going to work or school.
  • Psychological Abuse– involving threats, intimidation, destruction of property, or isolation of the victim. 
  • Stalking-following or spying on the victim, harassing, and showing up at the victim’s whereabouts with no notice and consent. Another form is cyberstalking. 

What are the Domestic Violence Laws in Utah?

Domestic violence laws vary from state to state and Utah is no exception. Differences depend on the type of abuse. There are also mandatory reporting laws such as the obligation of medical professionals to report abuse to the police. 

It is also common practice to require the police to question the parties involved or write up a report regarding the abuse. Police are often required to stay at the scene in order to protect the victim from being subjected to further abuse for calling law enforcement. 

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Domestic violence is without a doubt a complicated case that opens wound after wound. If you are facing domestic violence accusations in St. George, Utah, know that the wisest decision is to get in touch with a lawyer from Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions. 

An attorney can review your case and provide you with sound legal counsel and aggressive representation. The criminal lawyer will use every defense in their arsenal to either get you acquitted or ensure that you get a lesser punishment. Get in touch with a domestic violence attorney from Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions right now!

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