No one can predict when an accident will occur. Sometimes, things can still go wrong even if all safety precautions are taken. Trucking accidents are particularly catastrophic given their large size. Injuries sustained in truck accidents are often severe and can lead to death. For this, one would need the assistance of a St. George truck accident lawyer. 

Injuries resulting from truck accidents often lead to damages that go beyond the physical. Of course, the most obvious ones are the medical bills that continue to pile up for treatment and rehabilitation, but there are also missed wages, loss of enjoyment in life, pain, and suffering, and more. 

St George Truck Accident Lawyer with Decades of Practice

If you have been injured in a truck accident and are currently suffering its effects, get in touch with a St. George personal injury attorney from Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions. With over six decades of legal experience, the lawyer can collaborate with you to get good settlements for the damages sustained in the accident. 

With a detail-oriented staff who are sticklers for little details, our law firm will stop at nothing to ensure you get the amount you deserve. The personal injury attorney is well-acquainted with the techniques insurance companies use to get you to settle and can help make negotiations to ensure you get the proper amount and nothing less. 

Don’t waste time thinking about it. Schedule an appointment with a St. George truck accident lawyer from Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions right now! 

Why do I need a Trucking Accident Lawyer in Utah?

Being injured can surely cost thousands upon thousands. Sometimes, when it seems like the costs won’t end, it can be tempting just to accept the first settlement handed down to you to be over with the ordeal. This, however, might lead to you settling for far less than what you deserve. When dealing with truck accidents and settlements, seek a consultation from the top St. George truck accident lawyer from Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions. 

An attorney from Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions is detail-oriented and pays attention to every aspect of the accident. The lawyer can help you with the following: 

  • Reviewing your case from all angles and making sure every detail is reviewed. Since the attorney is a stickler for the littlest detail, you can be sure that no stone will be left unturned in your case. 
  • Negotiate to get you the settlement you deserve. Since most insurance companies will just be getting you to accept the first offer, a truck accident lawyer can help you think twice about it and will even perform negotiations to make sure you get what you need. 
  • Fight for you in court. If negotiations aren’t enough, the St. George truck accident lawyer knows how to fight for you and represent you in court.

When fighting for your life, you deserve to have someone relentless and knowledgeable in your corner. A St. George truck accident lawyer is ready to be your biggest advocate. From providing you with legal advice to representing you in court, you can trust that the attorney will be with you every step of the way. Schedule an appointment right now. 

What is a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents often result from a variety of reasons. Given the truck’s size, it isn’t surprising that a truck accident can result in serious injuries to the truck operator and other drivers. Just like a car accident or motorcycle accident, if you find yourself in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation. 

Before you file an injury claim, there are certain concepts that you must first be aware of for things to go smoothly. However, it isn’t recommended that you go through it alone. Enlist in the help of a St. George personal injury lawyer who can help you with this truck accident ordeal. 

What are the Common Truck Accident Causes?

Truck accidents often result in serious injuries such as brain injury, spine injury, whiplash, and even wrongful death. The question often is, what are the root causes of these? The common causes of truck accidents include: 

Fatigue/Substance Usage:

  • Inability to control truck
  • Misjudgment
  • Delayed reaction times
  • Distract the driver and make it difficult for them to make safe decisions.

Driver Errors:

Driver errors can be costly, such as taking a curve too fast and exceeding the speed limit. When you don’t take a blind spot into account, an accident may occur. 

Equipment Problems:

Equipment or mechanical failures are often the cause of major truck accidents. Malfunctioning tires or design errors can lead to crashes and needless damages. Common equipment problems include poorly maintained brakes, defective steering, and poorly maintained tires. 

Other Reasons:

Other causes of big rig accidents include weather conditions, traffic signal failures, and faulty road design.

How Do I Prove My Truck Accident Case?

For most trucking accidents, the main legal theory of liability is negligence. This means that the person injured in a commercial truck accident must sufficiently show that:

  • Under the circumstances, the trucking company should have exercised reasonable care to avoid injury to other drivers on the road.
  • Defendant failed to show they exercised reasonable care, or what is known legally as unreasonable or reckless disregard; and
  • The plaintiff was injured because the defendant failed to exercise reasonable care.

How Do Truck Accident Settlements Work?

After a truck accident, it’s common to have a sense of entitlement which can lead to filing a claim. Legal proceedings are often filed in civil court, and attempts can be made at an informal settlement. Settlements usually save time and money, but potential disadvantages are also involved. 

If a legal dispute goes to trial, it’s often easiest for the parties to reach an agreement before getting in front of a judge. There are many ways to negotiate an agreement without needing a trial, including arbitration and mediation. Minor problems with a trucking company can typically be resolved using ADR, even if there is a pending court claim.

What Should I Do In the Event of a Truck Accident?

If you get into an auto accident with a big rig, here’s what you should do before leaving the scene: 

  • Ensure that you and the other driver are safe before leaving the crash scene.
  • For emergencies, make sure to contact the proper authorities immediately.
  •  Ask if the driver is employed by the trucking company, operates their vehicle, or leases a vehicle from the company.
  • Take a photo of any damage, logos, or signage on the truck using your phone.
  • Write down any contributing factors that might have led to the crash. For example, note the road conditions, weather conditions, and other relevant information.
  • Get personal information on all witnesses.

Remember not to sign or agree to anything that is offered to you by an insurance company immediately. Consult a truck accident attorney who can review the case thoroughly.  

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Truck accidents are serious events that can result in catastrophic injuries, such as spine injury or brain injury, to name a few. These injuries also have lasting effects on the truck accident victims’ way of living, severely affecting their quality of life and making even the simplest tasks a challenge. Many factors cause truck accidents, but the most important part is that victims must be compensated for their injuries to get their lives back on track. 

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