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At Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions we have learned that our clients have needs in many different practice areas.  Sometimes we say that we are old fashioned country lawyers like the TV character Matlock.  

All the attorneys in our firm have a lot of experience in family law and other practice areas.  Brad Meads is a mediator.  We have handled hundreds if not thousands of divorce cases.  Utah requires mediation in divorce cases and we have learned how do effectively do this for our clients.  It is a great way to solve cases.  You maintain control over the outcome and only have to agree to a deal that you want.  If you go to court, we will be prepared and will do our best to fight your case, but it is up to the judge at that point. We sometimes say it is better to accept the “B-“ at mediation than to go for the “A” or “F” at trial. 

Travis and Alan have both served as public defenders in Washington County. They have each handled thousands of criminal cases, including murder, rape, sexual assault, kidnapping, DUI, drug possession, domestic violence, etc.  Our Law Firm has the experience and knows how to help you with your criminal cases.  We are not afraid to be in front of a jury.  We also carefully review the discovery on your case to make sure that the cops did not violate your rights.  Criminal defense attorneys are the keepers of the Constitution.

Also, we have done a lot of estate planning and business planning for clients.  Because we have been courtroom attorneys, our emphasis here is on asset protection and liability protection.  We want to minimize your risk and help you make sure your wishes are carried out.

Because of our courtroom experience we handle personal injury cases as if we were preparing for a jury.  We are willing to go to trial if needed.  

We are confident that we can help you with your legal needs.

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Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions may be just a Southern Utah Law Firm, but we get you world-class results.