Legacy Planning

Do you want to protect your family and your legacy? Are you seeking a peaceful life away from creditors and predators? If you’re just beginning the process of estate planning, then this educational offering is for you! Our FREE Estate Planning book will help you understand how to plan your estate and protect your legacy. Our St. George Utah estate planning attorneys draw on real-life experiences and situations to teach you how to do things right, and avoid common mistakes made.

Legacy planning

Estate planning is most simply defined as stating your wishes as to what should be done when you pass away. An estate plan is necessary if you want to secure guardianship of any minor children, or if you plan to efficiently distribute any assets.

Already have an estate plan? Congratulations! The next step is for your to sit down and review your estate plan with a Utah estate planning attorney near you at least annually. You should also meet with your estate planning attorney should there be any substantial change in the circumstances of your life such as death, child adoption of a child, or acquisition of new significant assets. This book gives you several points in choosing your estate planning attorney.

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What’s Inside the Book:

  • Estate Planning 101: Definitions, process, and basic documents
  • Why estate planning is necessary
  • Real stories on estate planning success and mistakes
  • Your estate planning options: wills, special needs trust, charitable trusts, asset protection trusts, family partnerships.
  • Understanding and avoiding probate
  • How to choose your estate planning attorney
Divorce book

The Ultimate Guide to Divorce in Utah

Confused by the process of divorce? Do you want to protect yourself and your children? Divorce can be one of life’s most emotionally taxing experiences, which is why our St. George Utah divorce attorney put together this FREE divorce book for those in need of help. This book gives you a 20,000-foot perspective on the divorce process and addresses the most common questions about what it means to get divorced and what can be done to make the process easier and more certain.

Helping people navigate the maze of divorce is a major responsibility – one I do not take lightly. I can be life-changing and even profoundly life-affirming. For all its horrors and indignities, divorce also is an opportunity to clean the slate and start over – to learn hard lessons, so that the future is more in tune with your values and life purpose. This book is packed with 19 answers to the most common questions on how to get back in control: from choosing your divorce or separation option to making decisions for your children, distributing properties, dealing with assets, debts, alimonies, to threats. This book also covers questions on even social media use during divorce and topics centering on getting remarried. Every question you can think of about going through the divorce process is in this book!

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What’s Inside the Book:

  • Divorce and Separation Options: Uncontested divorce, mediation, collaborative divorce, litigation
  • Understanding ‘no fault’ divorces and ‘fault’ divorces
  • Decisions on Child Custody and Care: legal custody vs. physical custody
  • Utah Law on Child Visitation
  • Property Distribution after divorce

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