Top Secret Estate Plan

Top Secret Estate Plan


I am currently involved in a probate case that is going to be more complicated than it needs to be.  I represent the sister of a deceased man who was very careful and most likely has a will or some other plan in place. However, that estate plan is likely in one of several safes in his home.  He and He alone had the combinations.  We are initially proceeding under intestacy (without a will) and may find that we need to make an amendment to the probate if we discover a plan once we get the legal authority to open the safes.

Give your family a copy of your estate plan.  Give them copies of any amendments and updates.  Make sure they know where the originals are kept and have access to them!

Imagine if we find a complex estate plan.  We may have to make a lot of changes in the current probate.  We will also spend a lot of money on locksmiths and others before we can really feel safe proceeding.

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