I want to give three reasons why it makes sense to hire a divorce attorney to help you with your case in Utah.

A Divorce Attorney is Your Ally

Reason number one, divorce is hard. It is not any fun. It is highly emotional. Maybe you’ve just found out that you’ve been cheated on. Maybe there’s violence and domestic abuse that’s been going on in the home. Maybe it’s a re-relationship you’ve stayed on way longer than you feel you should have for various reasons. So divorce is really hard. And one of the things Utah divorce attorneys can bring to help you is an ally and a friend. And so, because divorce is hard, you have got somebody that can be there that is not going to judge you but is going to help you through it. And so that is the first reason because divorce is hard.

Divorce Attorneys Guide You Through the System

Second reason, this might be your first divorce or your second or third divorce, but I guarantee you, most experienced divorce attorneys have gone through divorce a hundred if not thousands of times, just maybe not their own. So our Divorce lawyers in St. George Utah got that experience of having seen what has worked and what hasn’t worked for folks, can- can help guide you through that system of… just the complexities of it. And that experience, you know, if you can have an idea, we can maybe tell you, “Look, that worked for these people. Here’s why. That didn’t work for these people and here’s why.” Our Utah divorce lawyer has an understanding of the law and we can help you ferret out what’s legal and what isn’t. What is a judge likely to do and what is a judge not going to do? So that’s the second reason, it’s just that experience.

Divorce Lawyers Are Rational Companions

And the third reason is this: because divorce is hard and all of that, one of the things that I have learned about human nature over the years is this when emotion is high, intelligence is low. When we’re really, really happy, we can be kind of stupid. When we are really, really sad, we can be kind of stupid. When we’re really angry we can be stupid. And the list goes on. Any time there is an extreme level of emotion, the intelligence factor seems to go down. So what attorneys bring to the table in a divorce case is a rational, legal trained mind that can cut through the emotion, monitor your emotion and make sure that we may not be making huge decisions, big, life-altering decisions about a Utah divorce case when you’re in a highly emotional state. So our St. George divorce attorneys can kind of help even things out, keep it even keel so that you and your emotions don’t lead to crazy decisions.

So those are three reasons why it makes a lot of sense to have an attorney help you with your divorce case. Divorce is hard, we’ve got some experience and can guide you through things, and lastly, because of emotion, we can help curb that emotion and help you meet- make a rational decision about your case going forward. If you have questions about your case or are unsure what to do, reach out to our St. George UT divorce attorney today and schedule your consultation.

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