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Bullying and Hazing are Unacceptable

I have recently been helping a client deal with a hazing incident where one of his kids was involved. He made the decision to do the right thing and come forward with the information, even though it would cause difficulty for both himself and his daughter.


Please Review Your Estate Plan

Congratulations! You have an estate plan. You are done. You have a nice, new, shiny binder full of paperwork that you may or may not understand. You, or your attorney, have sent deeds off to the various County recorders’ office to change title.  You have even gone down to the


Special Needs Trust Basics

Special needs trusts are designed to allow individuals with special needs to qualify or maintain “needs-based” government benefits such as Medicaid and supplemental security income.


Understanding Estate Planning

When it comes to doing estate planning it is always critical that you talk with an attorney to make a good trust choice. We offer a free consultation. We know that there are a lot of online resources that you can use. However,


Solutions Are Our Focus

We Focus on Solutions! I had an experience lately. A client paid a large Salt Lake firm more than $20,000 on a case that was valued at less than $3000 if he won the whole case.  Can you imagine that?  I was stunned and wondered how this happened. Then, I


Who Is On Your Business Team

I have been thinking about business law a lot lately. I have found that too many people who go into business have been seduced by the advertising of the online “document preparers.”  It is true you can get your documents prepared by many online vendors. The issue is not preparing the


Custody Battles

One thing we have done a lot of are custody battles. They can be some of the most difficult cases to handle. It is highly emotional, and probably one of the hardest things someone will do is go through a contested battle for custody of their children. One of the

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