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What Are Father’s Rights in Utah?

Utah Fathers, Secure Your Vital Role in Your Child's Life! Are you struggling to understand what are father's rights in Utah? Many fathers find themselves lost in the complexities of family law, especially when trying to maintain a strong relationship with their children during legal challenges.  Quick Summary: In Utah,


Who Can Challenge a Will in Utah?

Your Guide to Reclaiming Your Rightful Inheritance When someone leaves a will, it serves as a roadmap for what happens to their possessions after they're gone. But sometimes, people feel the will isn't quite fair and that’s when they contest the will. Understanding who can challenge a will in


How is Utah Parent Time Calculated?

Empowering Your Legal Journey: Guidance You Can Trust Navigating a divorce or separation is tough, especially when it comes to determining Utah parent time. With emotions running high and the future well-being of children at stake, understanding how the Utah custody schedule works becomes crucial. Can you confidently say


Guide To Mortgages And Divorce

What are the most important things divorcing couples should consider when dealing with a mortgage?   A divorcing couple should discuss if they want to keep the home, one wants to keep it (buying the other out), or they want to sell it and split the proceeds. When there


The Different Types of Trusts in Utah

Selecting the right trust for you It is essential to understand what sets apart the various kinds of wills and trusts, as this will assist you in selecting the most suitable type to fulfill your financial objectives. Understanding the differences between a living trust and a testamentary trust and the


What Estate Planning Documents Do I Need?

Estate Administration Estate planning laws can be pretty complicated. Any proceeding related to making a will or trust and estate planning can be overwhelming. Some people think that estate administration is all about transferring and distributing property by writing a will. There is, however, a lot more to that. If


Can a Trust Wallet Be Part of an Estate Plan?

Trust Wallet as Part of an Estate Plan   In 2009, Bitcoin was launched by an entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Through this, the world came to know cryptocurrency, a form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. Over 18 million bitcoins are currently in circulation,


Are There Options for Child Custody in Utah?

Child Custody in St. George Utah Dealing with the dissolution of marriage is already painful as it is.  But divorce gets complicated when children are involved. The child custody law allows parents and guardians to work out the right kind of arrangement for the care of their children. Take note

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