Our Pledge

1. We guarantee you that we will REDUCE YOUR RISK!
a. Complete, coordinated, legal professional services under one roof.
b. Commitment to solid advice because good advice eliminates problems later.
c. We do everything possible to avoid mistakes and costly re-do’s or make goods
d. Deadlines are important to us. We have systems to streamline speed and delivery of services thus we get the task done right the first time.
e. It is our goal to become the TRUSTED ADVISOR and the TRUSTED AUTHORITY for every one of our clients.

2. We will give you HIGHER VALUE for every dollar that you spend!
a. As a standard practice we do the extras…They are the standard not the exception.
b. We have the best technology and systems in place to automate as much of the standard and basic services as possible, that other firms stretch time frames and charge you more for.
c. When we save time through our systems…we save time and can many times lower your overall cost of services

3. We WILL LISTEN to you and customize a program for you based on YOUR NEEDS and YOUR POINT OF VIEW!
a. We take the time to thoroughly understand your NEEDS from your point of view.
b. We take the time to thoroughly understand your DESIRES from your point of view.
c. When we completely know what your needs and desires are we can then create a “battle plan” that is specific and strategic and customized to your situation.
d. When we completely know what your needs and desires are we can know exactly what battles to fight and what battles that are not worth fighting. This makes all negotiation of any kind more successful.

4. We will SAVE YOU TIME and in turn SAVE YOU MONEY!
a. We get things done quickly and efficiently
b. We eliminate all your previous hassles which means more time in your business or home and less in meetings or court
c. We are good listeners, knowing exactly what you need and addressing it first and foremost.
d. We pick our battles so you do not spend a dime on time spent on unimportant issues.
e. We have many automated systems and services allowing us to complete your goals faster and more efficiently that the traditional professional services company

a. The end result of everything that we do is to relieve your burden by doing it cost efficiently; quickly; and correctly…freeing you up to spend more time with the things that matter the most!
b. See all of the above.